Trainings, Workshops and Groups

Therapists will offer a variety of Trainings, Workshops and Groups geared towards clients and need for the area, assistance with individuals wanting to get into the Mental Health field, and groups for Therapists for peer supervision.

Current events include:

Peer supervision is offered through a local Columbia, SC group monthly at local coffee shops in Columbia, SC. These groups meet virtually once a month from 7:30A-9A. For the most up-to-date information please request to join the group ‘Coffee with Counselors Columbia, SC’ on Facebook.

LPC-A Training is for individuals interested in becoming a ‘LPC’ in South Carolina. This training will include a full review of the application process for be a LPC-Associate, NCE/NCMHCE study materials, locating a supervisor in SC, and opening a private practice do’s/do not’s. The next date is Saturday, February 6th, 2021. Sign up HERE!

Business Bootcamp is for those interested in opening a Private Practice but don’t know where to start. For those who want to be there own boss, make there own schedule, and make there own money. Join us, as we discuss the Good, the Bad, and the Ugly of being in private practice with nothing held back. At this time, we do not have a training scheduled however continue checking to keep up with new trainings.

Therapeutic Groups will begin in 2021. On Friday’s from February 5th-March 12th Mandy Null will be hosting a virtual journal group for individuals seeking emotional healing. Please click HERE for more information or contact for more information.

Reviews from Participants

February 2020 LPC-A Training Responses:

‘Instructor’s were very knowledgeable in presenting Information on receiving your license.’

‘Everything was Great!!’

‘Information was very informative.’

April 2020 LPC-A Training Responses:

‘I thoroughly enjoyed this training. The facilitators were very organized and it was well worth the investment. It is very evident that the facilitators are extremely passionate about the field of counseling and helping others. It was refreshing. Thank you for all of your hard work! I’m so motivated and eager to begin my psychotherapy career.’

‘The facilitators did an amazing job covering information that we would need to begin our journeys.’

May 2020 LPC-A Training Responses:

‘The co-facilitators seemed genuinely interested in meeting/exceeding our expectations, they were responsive to our questions, and overall were very informative.’

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