Psychological Evaluations

What is a psychological evaluation?

A psychological evaluation (aka psychological assessment) is a mental health assessment, where a professional, such as a psychologist or psychiatrist, evaluates a person’s psychological or mental health. The goals of a psychological evaluation are to better understand a person’s strengths and weaknesses, personality, and general wellbeing. The evaluation is an effective tool in identifying potential problems with cognition and emotional reactivity, and for making recommendations for treatment.

What can I expect in a psychological evaluation?

Most psychological evaluations involve an interview with the psychologist where you talk about yourself and any troublesome symptoms you are experiencing. Additionally, you will complete a questionnaire(s) about yourself, and you may do some activities that look at how your brain is working. 

Psychological evaluations at Carolina Assessment Services

Currently, psychological evaluation services are only available for adults 18 and older. All testing will be done virtually with our psychologist via an iPad and virtual interviews, depending on the test. 

We have 3 levels of psychological evaluation. Referral information and/or interview with the client during the initial intake determines the appropriate level recommendation.

Level 1 – $400 

  • Basic cognitive evaluation with behavioral rating scale – standard battery IQ assessment with general information on overall social-emotional and adaptive functioning. 
  • Results indicate minimal diagnosing, general functional ability evaluation, and general cognitive rating.

Level 2 – $500

  • Functional cognitive evaluation with some specific diagnostic assessment regarding social-emotional, learning, functional communication, and adaptive functioning.
  • More sensitive diagnostic assessments are based on results of standard administration of cognitive and social-emotional assessments, client interview, and referral question(s).
  • Results indicate some specified diagnosing, full cognitive evaluation with IQ score and statement of strengths/weaknesses (full functional ability), general reporting of overall social-emotional, and adaptive functioning.

Level 3 – $600

  • Comprehensive psychological evaluation with specific diagnostic assessment regarding social-emotional, personality, learning, functional communication, and adaptive function. 
  • Sensitive diagnostic assessment based on results of standard administration of cognitive and social-emotional assessments, client interview, and referral question(s). Includes full personality assessment.
  • Results indicate diagnosis necessary to address specific concerns/deficits, as well as full cognitive evaluation with IQ score and statement of strengths/weaknesses (full functional ability). 

Payment for Testing

We offer payment plans for all psychological tests. We offer three options for payment:

  • Option 1: Pay in full at first appointment
  • Option 2: Pay 50% at first appointment and other 50% 2 weeks after initial appointment
  • Option 3: Divide assessment into 4 payments to be made weekly.


Who is doing my evaluation?

Your evaluation will be conducted by Lauren Nelson, a longstanding School Psychologist, Licensed Psychoeducational Specialist and Licensed Professional Counselor Associate in South Carolina. Lauren holds extensive expertise involving psychoeducational evaluations, psychological assessments, and leading individual and group therapies for children, teens, and adults.

How long will it take to get a report back?

Upon completion/receipt of the final evaluation component(s), the psychologist will have the report available within 14 days. 

What will a psychological test look like?

Psychological testing is individualized and determined in consultation with the psychologist.

Can I take the results to a doctor or psychiatrist to get medication?

Many doctors/psychiatrists require diagnostic information when discussing medication options with patients. A psychological evaluation will assist in providing these details.

What are the benefits of a psychological evaluation?

Psychological testing results can represent the integral missing piece of a complex puzzle. Each client comes in with their own multi-faceted experiences, difficulties, strengths, worldview, and perspective. They want to improve their lives and psychological testing can provide the missing piece of the puzzle as it gathers invaluable information in helping clients achieve their goals.

Comprehensive psychological testing gives a breadth of information in a short duration of time regarding numerous facets of a person’s life, including their overall cognitive ability, personal behaviors, traits, and personality functioning. The data obtained through psychological testing give both the client and the clinician insight into the client’s world through their unique perspective.

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