Mental Health Counseling

Clinically trained Therapists work with clients on a variety of challenges. Counseling Services are offered to individuals by appointment only to match your schedule perfectly. Ashley and LaNita specialize in a variety of challenges using creativity, optimism, empowerment, active listening, and solution-focused skills as well as by assisting with addressing limitations to improve overall quality of life.

Common challenges we see inlude:

  • Depression
  • Anxiety
  • Grief and loss
  • Trauma and adverse experiences
  • Life transitions
    • Career changes, graduating, going to college, becoming a parent/parenting, relationship concerns
  • Career concerns
  • Physical limitations
  • and more

Fees for Services

Fees for services include:

$125 Individual Intake Session (50-120 minutes) to go over paperwork, ensure we are a good fit, discuss goals, and establish a plan.

$100 Individual Session (50 minutes)

$150 Couples Therapy Session

$125 Family Therapy Session

$50 Professional Letters of support

$20 Request of Records

$100 Disability Paperwork Assistance (SSDI/SSI), FMLA Paperwork

We now accept most insurances. Insurances we have recently become paneled with include: Blue Cross Blue Shield, United Healthcare, Optum, and Magellan. All other insurances, we can provide a superbill for Out of Network services that will be your responsibility to follow up with.

Appointments are reserved for you specifically. If the appointment is not cancelled a full 24 hours in advance, the client will be charged the full fee for services.

Please inquire about services with Ashley or LaNita and see if we are the best fit for you.

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