Meet Stephanie Baker

Throughout our lives we collect memories and experiences and sometimes we just need space; space to breathe, try new things, process, exist  –  let’s see what we can do with the space provided for you.

Someone who would come to see me might be experiencing transitional periods, anxiety, relationship conflicts, grief, or trying to reconnect and understand themselves more. For whatever reason you are seeking out therapy, I hope you find a therapist who helps you when you are ready. 

My goal for you in therapy is to feel some relief, and to allow yourself to just be in the moment. My hope in working with me is that you feel empowered to radically accept parts of yourself and change the things you feel would best suit you, all while discovering what that looks like together in a collaborative nonjudgmental space. Getting in tune with your values, needs, and boundaries takes time, and understanding what those are is always worth it. 

If you’d like to get in contact with me, you can reach me by email at or call our office at (803)401-5644! I look forward to talking with you soon!

Feedback From Stephanie’s Clients

September 2022: “Stephanie is absolutely amazing and I could not imagine what things would be like if she was not my therapist. She is thoughtful, understanding, and always helps me to get past the surface issues to figure out what is really going on! 10/10 recommend her to anyone!”

October 2022: “Stephanie is extremely kind and responsive to my needs and has helped me build my self esteem. She is very casual and I feel comfortable telling her things. Over the couple of months I’ve seeing her I feel like I have been able to better emotionally regulate myself (even if I’m not all the way there yet!) which was one of my main goals when starting therapy. I also enjoy having Caroline there as well!”

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