Meet Palmer Garrison

Hi y’all! My name is Palmer Garrison! I am so excited to have the opportunity to learn from the amazing clinicians at Carolina Assessment Services as I finish out my degree in counseling. I am currently taking on new clients on Tuesdays and Sundays!

I have a passion for working with young adults and children and am working towards a certificate in Play Therapy. I have completed training in many areas across the mental health field such as Enhancing Capacities in School Mental Health through the University of South Carolina and most recently in Child and Infant Mental Health through the South Carolina Infant Mental Health Association. 

When I am not in class or working with patients I enjoy delivering resilience training to freshmen at The University of South Carolina, promoting body positivity at a local boutique, and exploring my creativity through a variety of different outlets such as cooking, drawing, and painting! 

I believe each individual is unique and deserving of a therapeutic experience tailored to their needs. In the future I hope to help people who struggle with ADHD discover the “superpowers” that come with neurodivergence and work alongside those who struggle with Anxiety, OCD and Body Focused Repetitive Behaviors like skin picking and hair pulling by building on client strengths. 

Call our office at 803-401-5644 to schedule with Palmer

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