Meet Mandy Null

To whatever situation that brought you to this page, I am glad that you are here. My name is Mandy Null and I am an LPC-A with a Master’s in marriage, couples, and family counseling from the University of South Carolina.

In the therapy room, I take the approach of healing rather than treating. My style of counseling is emotion-focused. I use mindfulness, regulation techniques, internal dialogue, journaling, and expressive activities to safely reflect on how unresolved events from the past, conflicts in the present, and worry for the future can affect our inner and outer world.

In individual sessions, we will identify, process, and transform old patterns and beliefs that are no longer working for you and block you from a life you want to live. My role serves as a compassionate and non-judgemental guide providing you with knowledge and tools to do the courageous work to heal, change, and expand your relationship with yourself and others.

In my time working with families and couples, I have found that relational distress and conflict are common and can show up in many forms. During family and couples sessions, I will be a collaborative partner in the room that assists the system in overcoming challenges while also helping the individual members express their needs. We will work together to repair ruptures and/or learn new skills to maintain supportive, stable, and loving bonds.

I am currently accepting adults, couples, and families. I offer brief phone consultations if you would like to discuss how I can best support you and your therapeutic needs. Please email me with any inquiries. 

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