Meet Mandy Null

To whatever situation that has brought you to this page, I am glad that you are here. My name is Mandy Null and I have obtained my Master’s in marriage, couples, and family counseling from the University of South Carolina. 

While I am new to the profession, I have my own journey with therapy and consider myself a wounded healer. I am passionate about journaling, spending time in nature, and engaging in mindfulness. I believe that who I am as a person impacts who I am as a therapist; my passions often influence the strategies I use in sessions. 

I consider that through life experiences, we develop defense mechanisms that help keep us safe. These defenses or coping styles we create vary since we are diverse individuals but they often develop from encounters in relationships, culture, trauma, and other things we battle. While these safety mechanisms are helpful during the time(s) of distress, they can become outdated, no longer effective, and/or seep into other areas of our life becoming problematic. When this occurs, it can create barriers to connection and personal growth which is why some of us seek support from a helping professional.

In therapy, I take the approach of healing rather than treating. My style of counseling uses mindfulness, internal dialogue, and expressive activities to explore how unresolved events from the past, conflicts in the present, and worry for the future affect our inner world. In sessions, we will work with areas in life that need time and attention to process, accept, release, and discover meaning.

I offer individual counseling for adults and relational therapy for couples and families. When working with individuals, I primarily focus on anxiety, navigating life transitions, grief, stress management, and relationship issues with others or with yourself. When collaborating with couples and families, my work focuses on transforming patterns that keep the relationship(s) stuck. 

Mandy’s current availability is offered on Sundays and evenings after 4 PM.

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