Meet Mandy Null

Hello! My name is Mandy Null, I am a graduate student at the University of South Carolina earning my Masters in marriage, couples, and family counseling.

While I am new to the profession, I have had a personal journey with therapy and consider myself a wounded healer. When I am not in work mode, I am usually somewhere in nature tending to a garden, riding my bike, our walking with my two fur babies. I have worked in different areas that include a school-based nonprofit, wellness coaching, journal workshops, and Epworth Children’s Home.

In therapy, my focus is on in-depth counseling that uses experiential techniques to explore how conflicts in everyday environments can affect our inner world. I counsel from a relationship perspective whether that be with individuals, couples, or families. I believe in healing rather than treating and handle sensitive situations with compassion. My growing areas of expertise and interest include family counseling, journal therapy, wellness coaching, and internal family systems work. 

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