Meet Mandy Null

To whatever situation that has brought you to this page, I am glad that you are here. My name is Mandy Null, I am a graduate from the University of South Carolina earning my Masters’s degree in marriage, couples, and family counseling. 

While I am new to the profession, I have had a personal journey with therapy and consider myself a wounded healer. I have worked in different areas that include a school-based nonprofit, wellness coaching, journal workshops, and Epworth Children’s Home. When I am not in work mode, I am usually somewhere either in nature, in a journal, or sharing time with those who are close to me.

I believe in healing rather than treating and handle sensitive situations with compassion. The therapist and client relationship that is based on trust, respect, and acceptance is a dynamic that I genuinely value and consider a crucial component for client growth. My style of counseling uses mindfulness, internal dialogue, and expressive activities to explore how conflicts in the past and present can affect our inner world. Theories that ground my practice include family systems, attachment, and internal family systems. My services include individual therapy with adolescents and adults, family therapy, and couples counseling. I also provide group services using journal therapy techniques. My work with individual clients has centered around symptoms of anxiety, depression, adjustment, intrapsychic conflict, and interpersonal distress. When collaborating with couples and families, my work focuses on transforming patterns that keep the relationship(s) stuck. 

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