Meet Lauren Ridings

Welcome! My name is Lauren Ridings, my pronouns are she/her/hers, and I am a practicum student at Carolina Assessment Services. I am currently a part of the Clinical Mental Health Counseling online masters program with Northwestern University and I have been a part of this program for over a year.

While my studies include an emphasis on child and adolescent counseling, I am looking forward to working with a wide variety of populations. My heart is pulling me to work primarily with children, adolescents, women, non-binary, multicultural, and LGBTQIA+ populations. It is my goal, as a student therapist, to provide a supportive, collaborative, and open environment for my clients to be able to explore themselves and reflect on their experiences/feelings. I approach counseling in an integrative way and I naturally tend to use more psychodynamic techniques in counseling, among many others.

When I am not counseling you can find me spending time with loved ones, reading, writing poetry and being in nature. Not every counselor is for every person, and I look forward to being able to connect soon to see if we can develop a meaningful and effective therapeutic relationship.

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