Meet Katie Herring

My name is Katie, and I am a graduate from the University of South Carolina.

I believe that all human beings possess the innate ability to heal, and as your therapist my role is to help you uncover that ability. Part of this involves helping you develop a different kind of relationship with yourself, a relationship that is grounded in self-compassion, curiosity, and exploration. The other layer of this is helping you identify and explore how larger systems such as family and culture have influenced your emotional wellbeing and sense of safety throughout your life.

Our work together will include learning how to identify and express your needs. This allows you to set boundaries that support healthy relationships. You will also learn acceptance practices that help you relate to your thoughts and feelings rather than trying to suppress or avoid them.

I use bodywork and grounding exercises to help you process and release built-up emotions. These techniques can be particularly helpful if you find yourself holding a lot of tension in your body, such as pressure in your chest, clenching of your jaw, headaches, or an overall sense of feeling weighed down.

Special interest areas of my practice include helping clients heal from trauma, supporting the needs of people who identify as LGBTQ+, attachment parenting, relationships, sexuality and Enneagram work.

I see individuals 16 and older, couples, and families with children as young as 4.

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