Meet Katie Herring

Hi! My name is Katie Herring, and I am a graduate intern from the University of South Carolina working toward an Education Specialist Degree in Counselor Education.  I received a Bachelor of Art in Craft from the Oregon College of Art and Craft in Portland, Oregon. I will always view life through the lens of an artist and have found that the therapeutic process is similar to creating a work of art.

I believe that all human beings possess the innate ability to heal, and as a therapist, my role is to help you discover that ability. I practice from a trauma-informed, emotion focused perspective. When we learn to be with our emotions, instead of suppressing or becoming overwhelmed by them, we can learn to use them as a resource for guidance and connection. I also work from an intersectional, eco-systemic perspective, meaning that the systems that influence our lives – internal, physical, family, and culture – all affect our mental health and well-being. Mindfulness, the stress response system, and grounding within the body are also aspects of my practice. I have experience working with individuals of various ages and families. If you feel or think you’re ready, please reach out! 

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