Meet Calvin Graham

Hello! My name is Calvin T. Graham and I am a Graduate from the University of South Carolina with an Ed.S (Education Specialist) Degree in Marriage, Couples and Family Counseling, as well as a Graduate Certificate in Play Therapy.  

Prior to this degree I worked in many different areas including media and education, but none of those professions felt “right” to me. It was not until I was sitting in my own therapy session that I realized I wanted to help people and families in a different way than what I was currently doing. I practice therapy through a relational perspective and see clients not just as individuals, but as a part of something greater. I believe that my clients are driving the car of their life and I am a passenger in that car, there to support them on this long drive. I also believe that therapy should not be seen as a luxury, but as maintenance for everyone on their journey. Currently, I am working with children, teens, adults, couples and families in the Columbia area and would love for us to meet.

Calvin’s current availability are evenings after 5PM.

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