Celebrating Black History Month


Hi there, we’re back! It’s been awhile, but just in time for a very important time of the year! Black history month is a pivotal time to recognize the role which African Americans have played in U.S history. It’s important to celebrate the achievements of African Americans, as it showcases the steps toward a more represented and empowered Black community not only in America, but all over the world. The Association for the Study of African American Life and History contributes a theme for Black History Month every year. By doing this, the public can focus their attention on a specific area of importance that may be overlooked among the entire Black experience. In the year of 2022, the theme is Black Health and Wellness, which hits so close to home here at our practice! At Carolina Assessment Services, we prioritize the mental health of every single person walking through our doors, but it’s especially valuable to draw attention to the importance of mental health in marginalized communities. LaNita Jefferson and Ashley Waddington, founders and counselors at Carolina Assessment Services, exemplify how important the counselor role is in the representation of marginalized communities.

With their insight and open discussion, I have learned it’s very important to understand and embrace the differences between counselor and client, such as experiences, privileges, and disadvantages. They also stress the importance of acknowledging generational trends among black communities. For decades now, racially marginalized individuals have tended not to seek help for mental health issues due to systemic racism, socioeconomic challenges, and a general mistrust of healthcare professionals. In order to combat this in the client counselor relationship, we make sure to give a voice to those who are hesitant and always keep an open dialogue about race. By practicing this, we are progressing towards less hesitant attitudes concerning seeking help for mental health and breaking down generational oppression throughout black communities. By continuing this with all marginalized clients, we hope for a safer, more open-minded, and inclusive outlook on mental health for those minorities who have been oppressed throughout history. Step by step, counselor by counselor, and client by client, we can contribute to changing the narrative.

-Stay Happy and Healthy!

References: https://asalh.org/black-history-themes/ https://carolinaassessment.services/2021/02/25/black-mental-health/

Lilly Hart

This article was written by Lilly Hart, a senior at the University of South Carolina. She is currently majoring in psychology, with a minor in counseling. She has a deep passion for mental health awareness and plans to further her career in graduate school. She is now the new blog writer at Carolina Assessment Services, LLC, and can’t wait to produce new and insightful content.

If there are any other topics you’d be interesting in learning about, email me at lillyhartcasllc@gmail.com. We are always appreciative of new ideas and topics to delve into on the blog!

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