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Carolina Assessment Services is a Mental Health and Vocational Assessment that provides choices to individuals of all walks of life. We are committed to prioritizing your mental health needs and uncovering your strengths.

We are Ashley Waddington and LaNita Jefferson – Two Licensed Professional Counselors in Columbia, SC. We provide Counseling Services, Consultation Services, and Coaching Services to individuals who are willing to flourish and grow.

Counseling Services

Our therapists are trained in working with clients with a variety of challenges, specializing in depression, anxiety, trauma and adverse experiences. Every single therapist is passionate about helping you get back to or become the person you want to be.

Vocational Evaluations

Our therapists use a combination of a structured interviews, screening tools, and assessments as well as detailed reports. These resources assist the individual in finding their strengths after injury, accident, or illness in order to return to work.

Training & Workshops

Trainings, Workshops and Groups will be offered various times throughout the year. Please check out the workshops tab for additional information.

Contact Us

1105 Belleview St., Suite 103, Columbia, SC 29201

Office Phone: (803) 401-5644

Fax: (803) 219-2803

We also proudly support LGBTQ and ALL and are a trusted resource for the community. Click the badge to view their website.

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Location of Services

Front door: 1105 Belleview St. Suite 103, Columbia, SC 29201
Parking for our new office is located where the ovals are located in front and behind the building. The small rectangles are the doors to reach our suite, 103, inside the building. Curiosity Coffee Bar on Main St. is a good indication that have found the right space.